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I've built a FTDI board to get from USB to the arduino and it works perfectly but I am looking at doing the same with a Mega8 instead.  If I do build the interface with a Mega8 instead is it possible to make the Mega8 reprogram the sketch on the 328?  I am thinking of sticking an SD card on the board with the Mega8 and IF an SD card is installed into the SD card slot with a program called say FIRMWARE.xxx it will pull the reset line low, release it and send the code from the file to the 328 to reprogram it.....

Sounds feasible to me when I came up with it.

Any ideas people?  Any issues?  I have my reasons :)


Yes, it is certainly possible for an ATmega8 and SD card to send a .HEX file from the SD card to the serial inputs of an Arduino with a 386p such that they are written to the 328p FLASH.  A good place to start might be the ArduinoISP which receives the same sort of STK500v1 messages that the bootloader is expecting to get over the serial link.
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