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Hi, i am quite new to electronics, and so it is a lot of fun to me to see (and hear) my first motors running. It is like i had missed sth in my childhood and now i spent hours sitting on the beach just listening to them.
now as my next step i try to do sth with them. there are quite a lot of ressources in the net about electronics and microcontrollers, but i googled for hours and didn't find any introductions for what to do with them, certainly because i have the wrong keywords...
so if anyone could suggest some links or books, i would be very thankful (which kind of gears, how to connect, how to build a stable rotary plate....., sth. like in the end of chapter 10 in the "Physical computing" book, but more elaborated)



check out
The tech library link on the left has more info that most need or want.


great link! exactly what i have been looking for. Thanks a lot!


SDP/SI is a great link. You could also check out...

http://www.cabaret.co.uk/ and

They are a little goofy but Flying Pig has a bunch of the descriptions that ended up in Phys Comp.


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