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Hi guys,

I'd like to get some input from you guys on a little project I am attempting. I got this old commercial bulk CD burner from work (for free which makes it even better), while the mechanism that changes the CDs is still fully functional and nicely thought out, the copy function is essentially useless.
So I was thinking of making the changer mechanism controllable from a external source (via USB, parallel port, etc.). Then, together with a command line utility and some scripting I could rip 50 audio CDs at a time without having to do anything. I realize that this has been done before by a lot of people but it's a cool useful project that I think I could try.

Here is my problem:
I know some electronics (basic laws and parts) but I don't know enough about all of it. I can solder very well, but I don't really know what type of circuits I have to put together to allow me to control those two motors based on the three sensors. I am looking for a cheap and easy solution to do this, with minimal customizations on the circuit part. If I could plug the motors and sensors of the CD changer into some sort of board (the board I would buy online already designed with most/all parts included) and write some software (writing the software I can handle) I would be happy. I was looking at the Arduino controller as a possible solution but I am not entierly sure how I would control the 12V/2A motors with it? Also can I just plug the sensors into the board? Can I control the Arduino from an external source like USB? Please if someone could give me some input. I've posted pictures of the CD changer online (see link below). It would be great if some of you could give me some hints into the right direction.

Arduino Blog Post:

CD Changer/Burner Pics:

Sorry for the lengthy post, but your help will be appreciated

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