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I used the vinciDuino in the Arduino IDE 1.0, so the original Leonardo isn't in stock, the IDE didn't support the Board completly (it's not nessesary at this piont).

I have integrated the PCINT und Interrupt (attachinterrupt, detachinterrupt) functionality in the files from the IDE, fm did me a great favor and look with me at the result, so here are the edited files.

Interrupts are on D0 to D3 and D7.

Some difference to the Atmel 328p, only the Pins D8 to D11 and D14 to D17 (SPI) have PCINT support.

"pins_arduino.h" from the folder "arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\variants\leonardo"

And Arduino.h, WInterrupts.c and wiring_private.h from the folder "arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino"

Have fun with it, if something wrong let me know.



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deleted, a bug in arscons made me think my mega wasn't working properly. it is.

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