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Hi guys,

I would like to create a wi-fi enabled coffee jar that alerts me when the coffee level in the jar is low so that I can pick up more coffee beans. For this, I believe I need the ability for the coffee jar to recognize when the coffee levels are low (how would I do this!) and then alert a website (via wi-fi) to send out a message to my iPhone.

Thanks for your help.



You could use a pressure-sensing pad that in effect "weighed" your coffee jar.  If the weight was between "empty" and "just enough left" then it would send a message over the net.  You would discount very low weights (jar removed in use) and you would want to average for a few minutes before deciding in order avoid artifacts when the jar is moved.

It would require that you always returned the jar to the same spot and didn't stack stuff on top of it!

You would need an ethernet or wifi enabled arduino and a suitable (piezo?) pressure sensor.

There may be better ways but that initially springs to mind.


Optical sensor (beam) to see through the jar.

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Ultrasonic range finder looking into the jar?


I forgot to mention a key variable. The coffee jar would have an automated air escape function
that would push the beans to down. Any suggestions based off of this?

thanks for the previous stuff.


I think that leaves your only option as using a weight-related sensing setup.

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