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Lefty: I sure will! I think she's pretty awesome myself.  ;)

Jantje: Don't know if it will survive tonight... it's chocolate with cherries in the middle.  :smiley-eek:

Sth77: I think I'll be able to connect to it just fine without one.......  :smiley-roll:
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Wow, your mum rocks! Happy Birthday mate!


Happy birthday !
Where did you find a mom like that ? I want one too !

P.s. I hope you live in Italy, otherwise it might be a clone. :D


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Wow, your mum rocks! Happy Birthday mate!

My mom, your mom, everybody's mom is already super cool for their respective Kids! its just that his mom is a good observationist and also accepts deeply what her boy loves to do or learn towards.

Happy Birthday! kid anyways Hope you shine like a star in life like Power LED on a Arduino and may success in your life speeds up like Tx Rx LED speedily blink when you load code.

EDIT:  8) ICSP got 6 pins!  :) , I think she also loves this stuff a lot bring her on Arduino forum sometime.  :)
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????? ???? !


Is the recipe open-source?  ;)

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