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Hi all,

I write from italy...I am quite new to electronics, while quite familiar with programming.

I own a Honda motor lawnmower, with a 6HP gasoline engine

I want to make it autonomous for moving, and I was thinking of substing the rear wheels with a couple of wheels each moved by an electric motor like the one in the link:


I own a shield motor control v3.0 , exactly this one (don't look at the motor, is not the one I want to use.... ^_^ ):

but I think two motors like the one I am aiming at would be too much for this.

Could you please suggest me, if existing, a good quality motor control shield (or separate board) for my project in a 50 euro budget? thank you so much!


A better picture would be that of the mower; I'm pretty certain that the motor(s) you picked out for it are -way too small- (not too mention too slow) to even think about moving a mower with a 6 HP engine (not a small mower). You need to be looking at much larger motors (and of course, much larger motor controllers); likely both will put you outside your 50 euru budget (unless you are very good at shopping surplus or junk picking for the motors) - unless the 50 euro budget is for -only- the motor controller?
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Find yourself either a motorised scooter or a powered wheelchair and start from there.  Once you have identified the motors you then look for an H-bridge of suitable capacity and you're home and dry (well apart from batteries and an arduino)


Find yiourself a teenager and a set of walkie-talkie's: "Hey kid , move the mower over there! Now, move it here! Next, move it ..." ;)

What is your plan for a remote control, steering, engine cutoff ...?
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an arduino controlled teenager could be the solution.... :)
but...I don't want to make an rc landmower, but an autonomous one

I have a picture of my arduino board, with the motor control shield and the motor I found (I need to find one more)
The guy that gave me this, took it from an electric bike. Would my motor shield make it work?

...in front of your posts..I have raised my budget to...what is needed to have good stuff (even if...recycle is what I prefere).

My landmower is quite heavy, like the one in the picture (it's not mine, but very similar to mine)

thank you for all your efforts in helping me


The Motor looks too small, or the mower looks too big.
How do you plan to steer it since the front wheels do not swivel?
How do you plan to make it autonomous? What will be the sensors? What will be the fail-safe?


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