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Ok, here is the deal i think i made a mistake in my component selection. I bought a fan3122 mosfet driver to use with my arduino. I didn't look at the data sheet very carefully. Looking at it again it looks like the max input pin voltage is .3 volts. My question is well the chip work with the arduino's pulse width modulation or did i get the wrong mosfet driver? If I did get the wrong mosfet driver what could I get instead that has the same layout as the fan3122? I already put together most of my circuit board and I don't want to have to start over.

data sheet link http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/FA/FAN3121C.pdf


Under "Recommended Operating Conditions" (page 5) it shows the IN pin can be anywhere from 0V to Vdd where Vdd is the supply voltage you apply to pin 1. You're probably scared off by the "Absolute Maximum Ratings" saying the IN pin is limited to GND-0.3 and VDD+0.3. That just means you can't go lower than -0.3V or higher than VDD+0.3V.

The Ruggeduino: compatible with Arduino UNO, 24V operation, all I/O's fused and protected


Thanks for the reply I wasn't sure what to make of the .3 and so far i haven't got the driver to turn on the mosfets. I think I have found the problem though a loose wire going to my circuit board.

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