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So, I developed my code using Ver 0022. Then ver 1.0 came out and I updated. I was able to compile and upload onto my 2560 okay, but when the program was running it would go thru the MAIN LOOP about three times and then hangup. I did not have anything that could cause this in my code. Left it for a few days and came back and now the Arduino IDE wouldn't even start. It gave me an error msg that I can't remember. So I downloaded ver 1.0 again. I removed the old directories and placed the new download in its place.

So now the IDE starts no problem and I brought in my existing .ino code in (which has compiled okay in the past). I tried to compile (no upload) and got an error. "Compiling Error", but no other message to identify what the error was. Checked my code and no statements were highlighted as being wrong. I only have one library call (liquidcrystal). So what does that error message mean and how do I even attempt to solve it?

I do have some calls to serial.print, as I use the monitor for debugging. I guess I'll take all those out to see if it changes anything, as I see a lot of posts in regards to the serial library.

Windows 7
Arduino ver 1.0
Mega 2560 board
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Seeing the code would be the first step to trying to help figure this out.  I know that you checked it - but I have checked my own code before and missed something.  A fresh set of eyes is always a good thing.

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