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Topic: found 2 intel microcontroler chips with data sheet in pdf looks do able ? (Read 705 times) previous topic - next topic



above is the data sheet its like a 32 pin 265k memory chip with programing info on the data sheet i dont think im capable of re programing this chip but it could be fun to try i pulled 2 of these out of working battery back ups they are intel chips matching numbers with a 16 MHz Cristal  Oscillator on board next to the chip i was thinking this could be fun to try to re program it with the arduino boot loader similar to the the arduino mini project ? i could be wrong but if some one would like to try one of these chips out i would have no problem mailing it out no charge . if any one has some helpful hints on the how to aproch this experiment please do tell. or if you have any more info that im missing cool

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Does the processor have a window?  If not, there does not appear to be a way to erase it.  The relevant information is on page 18.


ohh no i did not notice that ... so its a one time use thing hmmm i looked it over i heard of the chips with the windows but this one seems pritty soild it has the deriction nootch and a casting dot about 108 inch in dim. ans a square smoth spot with screen printed numbers and intel logo ..


One minor problem... Its an INTEL chip, not an ATMel AVR. Arduino won't do you much good.


yeah i knew it wasent a arduino chip i wanted to see about reburning the chip with the arduino boot loader and seeing what the out come would be useing the arduino and a bread board and the data sheet to flash and return the chip to a basic ic and then see if i could get the chip to use the ardunio code realy its just for fun dosent have to work and i realy am not a pro at  this soo if i am missing your point about it being an intel chip and not the aruino feel free to explain why i couldent work and sorry for not getting what your saying ..  but reading over the data sheet cobebadly pointed out there is no pin set for eraseing the chip and no light window to flash with a uv it has a cupple options for potection of stealing the code thats on it to i think some combo locking array ?  beyond all of these hickups ... i got excited to soon i guess and thought it was gonna be fun to step out side the box..

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