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Howdy fellows,

As my first project, after 3 weeks of Arduino I decided to assembly one "BugBot", very simple indeed. It's so simple that there's only two 9g servos (these generic w/ their torque going from 1kgcm [13.8oz in] to 3kgcm [41 oz in] and sorry, i'm using Metric, not SI) and one 4-pined HC-SR04 ultrassonic sensor, w/ jumpers going to the board, in this very case, an Rev3 Uno.

Then, I want to make it more portable. I started a simple controller.
Simplifying: The LCD used in the "controller" for displaying the distance (in centimeters) measured by the ultrassonic got it right (first i was getting some eletronic noise coming up from the eletric motor of the servo. I attached an 10nF ceramic capacitor in both contats of the servo and it worked. If it's physically correct, i don't know, besides it just worked fine.) but the LCD won't erase in each change. So, if i measure an 345cm distance and them a 50cm, the display will show 505, because the last digit stays. SO i got to reset the board and start it all over again... That bastard is giving me some headaches!

There's a photo of this error plus the full controller and BugBot. Note that the display shows "Distancia" in the first line, that means distance (kinda obvious  :P :P):

But, still the major problem goes with the 4 pushbuttons I attached to the controlled! Theoretically, I was supposed to work (how many times you guys may have heard this one) and each one call a function, for walking forward, left, right... But no sucess at all.

There's the buttons, for you look up for any misconnecting of the jumpers:

And the code is in PasteBin, as I don't want to flood this wonderful and huge forum  :D :smiley-mr-green:


As you'll see, the comments are in portuguese and I'm Brazillian. As english is not my first language, I'll be grateful for any correction of my grammar, if needed.

Thanks in advance,




I finally managed on how to make the pushbutton work. I've connected the wrong button pins and, somehow, it didn't work!

As Cesar Osaka (from Laboratorio de Garagem, a Brazilian DIY/Arduino forum) corrected my circuit, the following images are credited to him.

Button layout (simple):

Code used for correcting the LCD issue:

Code: [Select]

lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
lcd.print(" ");
lcd.setCursor(0, 1);

Simulation using Simulino, Osaka's project for simulating Arduino under Proteus platform:

Thank you all,


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