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I am working on a project.
My sanguino board is getting heated up when connected either by USB cable or 9/12V adapter.
What can i do to solve this problem?
Please guide me it is urgent.


okay, What exactly does the survey have to do with anything related to your problem?

Without a schematic we can only give you useless answers. We are not psychics so you need to give us something to go with.


okay, What exactly does the survey have to do with anything related to your problem?

I think many people mistakenly believe a poll is necessary to start a thread
Avoid throwing electronics out as you or someone else might need them for parts or use.
Solid state rectifiers are the only REAL rectifiers.
Resistors for LEDS!


As others have said, we don't know your experience (hence not knowing what level to set this reply at) or what you are actually trying to do....

Excess heat is usually caused by trying to draw too much current from the device.

I am presuming that you have a multimeter.....

I assume you know how to read the voltage using the meter but do you know how to use the multimeter to check the current??

To check current select the mA setting and disconnect either side of the power input.  Connect one probe to this disconnected wire and connect another wire from the original location that the first wire went to to the other probe..... ie break the wire and stick the meter into the circuit so ALL the power going through the circuit goes through the meter......  Now what is the reading????

Arduino boards have a maximum power available from certain pins and from groups of pins and from all pins.  If you need more than what is allowed you can easily do this using a transistor to connect the pin to a larger current source.  I'll not go into full details as it might be a waste of time because you might know all this already and it is down to something else..

We all await your response.

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