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I plan on building a Segway type vehicle this summer and started purchasing parts.  I have the motors, batteries and just got in the speed controllers.  Problem is.....I ordered the wrong speed controller and realized it 30 minutes after ordering it!  Let this be a lesson....Don't purchase from eBay late at night when you've had a couple drinks! lol

So I received 2 - 30A speed controllers that are not reversable.  So now I'm trying to think of how I can use these for my project or another project that may only require a single motor.  Can I use each of these to power a different direction with a diode on the output to protect it from reverse voltage/current?  Any other suggestions would be helpful.

I plan on building at least a couple different vehicles....segway like, balancing skateboard and perhaps a lawnbot.  So now just looking for a way to utilize these and not have to try to resell them.

Here is the auction link for the 2 controllers I received.

Thanks for your input!


with some relay's /gearing you can make 2 single direction give you forward/back on two wheels. but id just get differentones and save those for  another project (assuming u got the capitol)

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