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I have one arduino mini and one SOMO-14D Embedded Audio-Sound Module. I have to communicate with sound module by using SPI but sound module accepts 5kHz maximum clock frequency. I did not find any solution to change SCK frequency to 5kHz in arduino pro mini. Can anyone help me???


That module is not SPI.  You need to bit-bang the clk and data leads yourself perhaps?
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are u sure that module has not SPI because using in the serial mode talks like SPI


Does it have SCK/MISO/MOSI/SS lines that obey the SPI protocol and clock at MHz rates?  No, then its not really SPI compatible...
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Nick Gammon

Normal SPI doesn't hold CLK low for 2 mS before sending data. I doubt you can convince the hardware to do that. As MarkT says, a bit of bit-banging should do it.
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