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Topic: Pull up resistor and capacitor for 9dof LSM303+L3G20 Adafruit sensor and BMI280 (Read 621 times) previous topic - next topic


Obviously nobody has an answer except try and see if it's needed or not.
And yes all adafruit boards have pull-up resistors: question is if the trial and error could be removed...

There are more than three sensors and a mux is definitely required, and you're wrong.

and what...
You obviously don't fully understand what I2C is.

It's a BUS that can have up to 128 devices attached to it (the two wires).
The Arduino can talk to each individual device as long as they all have a different address.

The Adafruit 9dof/L3G20 has TWO devices on one board, with two different addresses.
The addresses are in the datasheets. Up to you to find them.

A muxer is only needed if you want to connect two devices with the same address (that you can't change).

Pull up resistors are there to overcome wire capacitance.
There is enough pull up resitance on each board for a few feet of wire.
So no need to add more pull up resistors if the modules are very close to the Arduino.

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