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Hello, i need to make a two wheel self balancing robot , like this one: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/19558 .

I need help about components:

1) about microprocessor i saw Arduino UNO and Ardquino NANO ,nano is more expensive, there is real difference about this two controllers???

2) Gyroscope i have already - ADXRS610Z

3) Accelerometer i have already - LIS3LV02DL or ADXL345

4) Motors - there is my real problems, i dont know much about motors , wich motors u advise me with wich caracteristics?

And i will need encoders and motor drives right?? Can you explain me what encoders and drives do??

So my real questions:
What u think about gyroscope and accelerometer for my robot?
Can u giveme a lights about robotic motors,so i wont make wrong buy's ?

Thank you,


Hi I am also making a balancing robot for my final year engineering project and the combined motors and encoders I chose were from this site:

Hope it helps, there are lots more motors and encoder kits on the site as well!


I can't really help you with parts selection for a balancing robot, but you might
be interested to checkout d.p.anderson's website. He's a real robot guru, and
has one balancing bot, plus a lot of techincal info on his pages.


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