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Hi there, new to arduino, and fairly new to electronics.  I just recently bought an arduino uno starter kit.  As I was going through the beginning examples in "getting started with arduino"  When I got to the button press to turn on an LED I noticed that my button presses will jump high to low without pressing any button.  I went a step further and removed the button and watched the serial monitor and I can see it going from 1 0 randomly.  I've tried this on pins 7, 8, 9. I don't believe this is normal, but as I'm new I don't get it.  Any help would be appreciated.



The pins will do that with nothing connected, the example should have a pull-down resistor to ground that makes the input low while the button is up, when pressed the 5v should flow through the button making the input high.
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Thanks,. I tried a different button setup, with the pull down resistor and it seems to be working just fine today.  I was having this problem yesterday, thought i had it wired up the same, guess not.  Thanks! :D

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