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My goal is to construct a giant 16 x 16 RGB LED matrix spaced out behind 3"x3" squares of diffused glass to make a grid of LED pixels. The only problem is i'm rubbish with design. I have no idea what parts to buy or how to wire it. Right now, i have the LEDs, breadboards, and an ardunio Uno, and the ability to wire. If anyone could help with tips on certain components or even a schematic, it would be greatly appreciated!


That is a ridiculous amount of RGB LEDs. You would never be able to drive them all independently. I would suggest multiplexing on a large scale. This is something to look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1t9usUr9ns


Its tlc5940s with multiplexing. Others may know more about driving such a large number of LEDs.


Well that is 768 individual LEDs ! I suppose you want to control them proportionally as well. The problem with multiplexing is that the brightness will be a lot lower and as this is going to be big you need the LEDs to be as bright as you can get them.
This project is going to cost you a lot of money.
Have you considers something like the shift bright modules?
There are also some RGB modules and strips that Lady Ada do, check out their web site.


Well that is 768 individual LEDs !

According to my math 16 x 16 is only 256. Each LED is going to be behind a 3"x3" glass square to make it like a pixel.


According to my math 16 x 16 is only 256

Try the maths again.
While you only have 256 packages each one has a red, a green and a blue LED in them so as far as the control and drive is concerned there is 768 individual LEDs.


Since you are a beginner, you should start with a proven design, or even a kit (e.g. ClockTHREE).
You will have enough challenge programming this device.


In no way have I intended this to be a quick and easy project. Ive bought most of the parts and will definitely be messing with smaller matrices and designs before I try to tackle the big one. What I really need is just help on how I should tackle the big kahuna. Would it be possible to try and run it as 4 separate 8x8 matrices that work together?


Would it be possible to try and run it as 4 separate 8x8 matrices that work together?


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