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Hello all.

This is a thread on behalf of my senior design group. Our goal is to create a disposable wireless patient sensor. We'll spare you the details with that, since that's part of a separate sub-forum.

We are currently experiencing some issues with getting either one of our computers to recognize the BT board. This is the board we are currently using:

Powered by a 3V battery:

With this Bluetooth module:

We followed the necessary installation instructions for the Bluetooth module and was able to get it to recognize local Bluetooth units such as my phone, other nearby laptops in the school library, but it has been unable to recognize the BT board.  :~

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I hate to be a buzz-kill, but I feel using an Arduino for a (any) medical purpose is irresponsible.  As cool as it is, it is really just a toy and is not designed for or certified for  potential life and death situations.  If it were, it would cost $30K, not $30.  You may indeed get issues with something like the Arduino, once in a while.  I can tell you, I am not eager to be subject to that 'once'.  My advice is not to proceed with this unless you and your entire design team have some extraordinary insurance.

Just a question, so that I can avoid it, which hospital will this be used in?

BTW, that battery is woefully inadequate.


This is a proof of concept project, with no intentions on actually manufacturing it for hospitals, etc. Don't worry about the application if the question we have is regarding getting the BT board to be recognized by a computer with a BT receiver.

Also, could you clarify why the battery will not work? 


A CR2032 Lithium battery is designed for applications that have about 200uA current draw.  Even at about 3ma, their voltage drops to about 2.6V.  The Arduino, even in low power mode will draw close to 20 or 30 ma while the BT module it not active and nearly 200ma when transmitting or receiving.  That is way, way too much for the CR2032.  Try a couple of AA cells.

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