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There was a competition for Beam Day held this last weekend http://www.beamfestival.com/beam-day-2/, you had to:-
To enter you must invent and build your own new* technological sound-making device
Anyone can enter as long as:
    You must have finished building this device during the 3 weeks prior to BEAM day.

Your sound-making device should be:
    Not reliant on mains power
    Performed or autonomous
    Made by you and / or your team

So not having anything I designed and built my entry in two weeks. I took it down and it won  $)

It is Arduino based, it makes the sound by playing through a set of wave tables. Each table is 256 entries with 12bits per entry and there are 16 wave tables in a set. The SpoonDuino has the capability of storing 32 of these wave table sets.
It is played by a spoon moving over a conducting surface made from an anti static bag of the type used for shipping components and made up PCBs about. This is read in to the Arduino and an X - Y coordinate is produced. This is then used to determine the frequency and the way the wave table is used in four different playing modes.
The wave tables are defined on an iPad running TouchOSC into a Processing sketch which then transfers the wave tables into the SpoonDuino where it stores the table in one of 32 slots in external EEPROM.

Here is a video of it in use:-



HAHAHAHAH, this is cool!
"The really amazing thing is how many people are successful with their Arduino projects considering the fact that so many of them do not have a technical background.  A lot of them seem to try, and succeed with, projects that no sane engineer would even attempt." - floresta commenting on the proper use of LCD displays


  Nice effects! Some Star Trek, Star Wars sounds going on! The best part is it looks like a finished product that could be sold.
Good links: Eagle tutorial= http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE1858BD83D19C70
General Arduion tutorials = http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com

Jack Christensen

Darned nice for two weeks' work! Congrats!


Impressive work!   Will 2.0 includes a (tuning)fork ?  ;)
Rob Tillaart

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Will 2.0 includes a (tuning)fork ? 

No it will actually contain two spoons, if you look there is an unused socket next to the spoon socket, that is wired up for another spoon.
By the way the Latin for spoon is cochlear.


and cochlear has to do with the internals of ones ear!  briljant match  :)
Rob Tillaart

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Here is another project idea:


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