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I am wondering how many languages people here "speak", I am from Denmark, and normally I speak Danish. I can understand german, but not talk or write it.

Of programming languages I can C#, some C/C++, ASP, a bit PHP and LSL (http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=HomePage)

And all self learned, with a lot use of google. :)

What about you? Are English your native language? And what about programming languages? And lastly, how did you learn them?
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English (native) French (reasonably fluent - I can hold a conversation about land-reclamation in Aquitaine)), Russian & German (I can order a meal!)

C/C++ (mostly learned on the job), various assemblers (MACRO11, IBM 360, 68K, Intel, PowerPC), and have earned a crust writing in FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/M and occam2.

I think the only languages I was ever formally taught were Algol, COBOL, Lisp and APL.
And BASIC, but the counselling is working, and the flashbacks are much rarer now.
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Reminds me of the old joke:

What do you call a person the speaks two languages? .... Bilingual

What do you call a person the speaks three languages? .... Trilingual

What do you call a person the speaks only one language ... American



What do you call a person the speaks only one language ... American

That would definitely be me; I can muddle through reading some French and Spanish - very little though, and only what I can barely remember from my high school days.


As far as computer languages are concerned? I've played with way too many to list over the years; BASIC was my first language (and one that I still have a soft spot for - I've used and played with tons of different versions over the years - my favorite was AMOS on the Amiga), I've also messed with LOGO (small Radio Shack class I took as a kid, I also created an interpretor for it in BASIC while in High School for the Apple IIe), Fortran (mainly from learning to translate code from it to BASIC), C/C++ (various), Pascal, DBC/COBOL, PICK (an integrated DB environment which used a variant of BASIC), Assembler (80x86, 68000, 6809, 6502). Most of my more recent work (PC based) has been with PHP, Perl, and Python; I have been looking at FreeBASIC and Gambas (told you I had a soft spot!) lately, though.

What I have learned doing all of this is not to focus on the "language", and instead focus on the process and how it all fits together; most computer languages at the base level today have the same control structures and similar syntax - by not focusing on the "language of the month", I have found that my skills easily transfer environments (and as a result, I am more marketable as an employee).
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Native English speaker (California dialect), some German, and a few words and phrases in Korean and Spanish

Computer languages:  BASIC, C, Pascal, Assembly, and a few obscure application-specific scripting languages you've never heard of.
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