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Hey all.  Have a question about some new irregularity in my Servo control.

So before I was using two servos to open/close doors, attached on analog pins 1 and 2 (pins 15 and 16).  They worked well.  However, I wanted to use my analog pins for another use, so I moved them to pins 9 and 10, thinking that PWM-capable digital pins would be ideal for servos. 

However, now, having changed the pin numbers in the code, their behavior is erratic.  They will twitch a lot, and when moving from one position to another, they will stop at intermediate values, or overshoot then return.  While they eventually find the correct position, it takes up to a second or two, which is unacceptable for my needs.  I never had this problem with mounting on the analog pins.

Is there an obvious explanation for this that I'm missing?  I can provide more info if needed.  They are grounded to the arduino ground and linked to the arduino +5.  Nothing but the pin number has changed from the configuration when they were working well.

Thanks for any help.


Problems with most servo applications fall under two main areas:

1. Not providing the proper voltage and current requirements for the servo(s)
2. Not properly using or understanding the use of the servo library.

So either post your code or your wiring drawing depending on which category you feel most likely applies to you.


The Servo library doesn't care which pins you use, it just called digitalWrite () on them at the right times from an interrupt handler.  I suspect a loose connection, certainly worth checking for first.
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