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Hello guys!
I have problems with Serial Comunication. Arduino writes freeky charaters, on Serial Monitor. It seems that the" baud" is not setted coretctly, (Serial.begin( value )) , but the value is the same... i ckecked it, and also i tried with other values (from serial monitor).
We are making a sumo robot, and it has got a serious, mehanical impact.... I think something at hardwear went wrong, but i'm not sure about the coincidence.
I have an Arduino Duamilanove, i use it with LinuxMint.... Arduino Idle 0.22... if some has any idea, please help.

the whole circuit is disconected... from arduino
if a write a simple program....
void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600);}
void loop() { Serial.println(1); delay(500) ;}

at the serial monitor appers those freeky charaters.... like hungarian charaters... but they are cyclic....  all in all these characers are not random things but....
this simple program worked before.... with serial monitor.... and i didnt made anithing with settings or sofwear things...

and they are not ascii charaters.... i probed it with 49 like mike sas


Schematic + minimal code showing the problem?


Arduino writes freeky charaters, on Serial Monitor.

You do know it uses ASCII not numbers. For example if you send something with a value of 49 you will display the figure 1 on the display.

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