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First of all i would fix the driver problem.
You can do a search for cp2102 drivers, this came up fx.:


When your driver is OK you could try the Loop-back-test

If this is OK, you know that your device is working

And just a note: the connections atleast on my cp2102 is: tx->tx rx-->rx

If all this is OK try uploading to the Arduino, and if it fails, try pressing reset when the message : Sketch size ...  appear in the serial monitor


I have tried those drivers too but had the same issue. I have now soldered header pins accross the arduino's connection ports and can get a good connection using this but it is still giving the out of sync error. Glossing over the error , I powered up the arduino just to see if it uploaded but it didn't run the test I uploaded (blink test) I think the pin on 13 is synced up with the green LED on the board and that was flashing along with the LED I connected to it.


Looks like the green LED on the board is connected to pin 13 already which may say that the sketch uploaded , however , I tried changing it to pin 9 but the LED wouldn't flash. Green LED was still flashing though.



Ah , meant to say earlier. Yes I did at one point have the loopback working but it has since stopped working. I was able to receive callbacks from arduino after soldering the pins but I tried again later on in the day and found that it wouldn't work. Still seems like a funky connection but I can't imagine where. When I am uploading sketches everything is completely still now since it is breaboard mounted.

the ftdi is directly connected to the breadboard and , via jumper leads , onto the correct lines on the breadboard as per the diagrams. The arduino gets the signal through its own header pins now.


I was looking through the forum when I spotted this thread:


He is using the same FTDI board as me so I am just interested as to why his works and mine dosent. The only difference I can see is that he is using a cap on rst. I was under the impression that the duino had a 0.1mfd cap on RST but there are 2 RST pins on the board. so it got me thinking , what if the pin I have been using all along is the one that dosent have the cap on it?

So I'm going to try that later this week when I can get down to maplin as the web isnt too great for small components like caps.


ok added the capacitor and was able to upload a sketch but , interestingly , wasnt able to use the serial monitor... wierd... but as long as i can upload sketches , I'm not too bothered :)

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