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This is probably a simple question, but I'm a noob with this... is it possible to monitor a pulse counter and a ModBus enabled sensor at the same time? I've got a WattNode that uses ModBus as well as a metrima gas meter that outputs pulses for kWh's consumed.




depends on the length of the pulses and the details of the sensor. sounds like doable.
Post more infor to get a better answer.

Do you have a datasheet of the sensor?
Specs of the MODbus?
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I can't find a datasheet on the sensor. Here's a link to it. It has two pulse outputs, but it doesn't specify much else


As for the ModBus, what type of specs would be helpful? It's a WattNode ModBus. It measures current, voltage, frequency, etc.



Based on a spec sheet I found, the pulse outputs for the Metrima are "open collector" types and have specs as follows:

      Pulse duration 250 ms
      Max. voltage 30 V
      Max. current 20 mA

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