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current setup,

xbee-shield-arduino, with headers solders.

when i'm uploading the sketch, it should be on "Dline"?


another thing,
on the coordintaor set, when I upload the sketch, it uploads fine and in the serial monitor window it keep repeating "-1", with TX LED on the arduino blinking.
Hoever, if i disconnect the usb cable to the pc then plug it back in, the "L" led is blinking, and nothing in the serial monitor, like the program stoppped working?


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HOLY CRAP!  its working!...
Everything was fine, the transmitting shield was broken. the "DLINE/UART" switch, had 3 of its terminals not soldered properly.
I soldered it back on, and its working.

*lesson: check your shield carefully, small defect on hardware (possibly from shipping, or unpacking or whatever)

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