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Hello ,
I am currently using a gsm module sim 300 (the link is this http://www.vegarobokit.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=482   ) 
being a beginner ... i used the code from this link
i connected the  rx pin of sim300 to 3(tx) pin of arduino uno and tx to 2(rx) plus connected the gnd on both.
then powered the module by a 12 v adapter .
then uploaded the code from the tutorial above  onto the arduino .
but the serial port is showing only the string "Starting SM5100B Communication..." and not getting any other commands .
i have also installed newsoftserial libraries.
i am able to call using hyperterminal by manually typing the commands like "atd ***********;" and is able to make a call.
plz help me with the code ... if its wrong
the link to datasheet of sim300 is "robokits.co.in/datasheets/SIM300_HD_V1.06.pdf"
i just want to make a call when a threshold value is reached which i get through a censor via the rx pin on arduino .


are you also connecting the arduino Uno to the PC/laptop?
If not then only one serial port is needed and hence no use of softserial library.

Which example did you use from the website: tronix...?

BTW, which college are you from?


i am connecting the arduino to my lappy also because i want to see what data is being sent on the serial port to sim300 .... and i used the first example from tronix... plz reply soon ...

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