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I just completed putting one of these together. I wanted to understand each module, shield and function so I will be revisiting this project a lot. A few things that are limiting to me that I wonder if anyone has comments on.

1) The motor shield is for two motors and they are running 4. This is probably why you cannot steer and drive at the same time. I wonder if a 4 motor shield wouldn't give you far more capability. One speed is all you get as well.

2) The infrared controller (using a mini remote control) is very annoying. You lose line of sight so fast you find yourself running after it in order to make direction changes. Also, it requires one push button at a time, meaning.. drive forward, stop, steer left, stop, etc. No fluidity of motion whatsoever. I wonder if one of those Funduino joystick/button controllers (or equivalent) with a second transmit side Uno wouldnt be a better idea.

3) The bluetooth option is annoying for that same reason, however it IS much nicer in that there is no need to run after it. My issue is I want to use the bluetooth on my laptop and the app they give you is for Android devices only. I tried DuOS, an Android emulator for Windows 10 only to learn DuOS doesn't let bluetooth thru the emulator. The same controller in number 2 above has bluetooth and NRF24 capability.

4) I spent a few hours trying to get the line tracking to work. It was very dicey and just when I thought I had it, I didn't. I will try getting the sensors closer to the floor to see if that helps, but I wonder if two sensors wouldnt work as well or better than three. One on each side of the black line should keep it centered maybe?

I sort of expected this little solution to do everything smoothly, but because of the one direction at a time limitation, it turned out to be somewhat disappointing. The plan is to figure out how to make those issues go away. Any thoughts?


Can someone pls help me here  !!!!!

I have been trying to build a multi-functional Bluetooth car by following your guide and code.  I had little success but need assistance in further completing the car. I hope someone would help me !

First I made all the hardware configuration as mentioned in the guide and as per the code. Then uploaded the V5.0 code but nothing worked. The robo car did not move at all. I see the signals pass through IR remote to receiver but nothing happens. So I uploaded V4.0 code and had little success. 

The Ultrasonic distance module worked when I pressed the >| symbol in the IR Remote. Car moves perfectly and works as expected.

But the other things does not work for me.

(1) Trying to use the car by IR Remote mode:  When I press "2" button through IR Remote the car just moves only a step ahead. Motors does not spin continuously when I keep pressing the 2 button in the remote. If I release the 2 button and press once again it again make one rotation of  motor. The same happens when other buttons like 4, 6, 8 are pressed. Only one rotation of motor happening on every button pressed through IR Remote.

(2) Trying to use by Bluetooth Remote : All configurations are done and the car gets connected to the bluetooth. When I press the forward button or for that matter any button through the Bluetooth remote there is a huge delay in the signal transmission. For example it is like 10 seconds after I press the forward button the car begins to move forward. The same happens when other buttons are used. It is not continuous and there is this delay.

Can someone please help me to fix the above two issues ? I have been building this car for my son but at last he is very disappointed that it is not up and running.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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