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Hi All,

Need confirmation from you wise and far more knowledgeable people please. i am thinking of using these switches http://www.rapidonline.com/Electronic-Components/Oval-Neon-Rocker-Switch-220v-Amber-78-0226 in my boat switch panel. I am using a 12v 200AH leisure batter would these be ok to use? not going to blow etc, i don't think they will but need some support please.

Thanks as always for your help



This are 10Amp switches. As long as you donĀ“t connect anything that draws more current than that, I should be fine.


I was just going to say that.
By the way what is a
leisure batter


You don't expect the switch to illuminate do you?  That's a NEON lamp inside that switch that is designed to run from "house current AC".

You are working with 12V DC... and the switch "lamp" has the following requirements: "illumination voltage   125/250V AC"

That's not going to be a match, so it will stay dark when ON as well as OFF.


Switches specified with AC current ratings only are not suitable for switching other than low current DC.  generally there are 2 problems, a) the arc created at the time of switch opening tends to destroy the contact face.  On AC there is some degree of arc self quenching as the cycle voltage decreases.  b) without suitably designed DC rated contacts, there will be no self cleaning action resulting in pitting to one contact and a peak forming on the other and the build-up of resistance due to oxidation.

In a marine environment you'd be better buying suitably rated swirtches 

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