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Is there a cost effective alternative to the Max7219/21 LED driver ?
They are about $23 each at Element14

Is the Texas TLC5928 compatible, it doesn't say anything about SPI, just serial connected.

My electronics skills are not good enough to determine if this would work

I'm driving a 8x8 display via SPI bus, well hoping to  :)



Y u no use nokia3310 display?


I need to be able to see the display some distance away, maybe 10m or so.


Have you tried Ebay?
I got 10 max7219 for like 5 bucks a few months ago.


You can use 74HC595. You need two of thoses chips to display a 8 X 8 Matrix. 3 of them is your 8 X 8 is a Red - Green type. Work with SPI. I am not using SPI yet for them, I using the shiftOut(). Check it out for the 74HC595. And they are easy to use. 


Have you tried Ebay?
I got 10 max7219 for like 5 bucks a few months ago.

You did ? well my order came today, and I order 7  MAX7219 for under $5....  I taught it was ... to my mistake... instead of 7 chips came in.... ( I did not read : FOR 10 Chips ).... I got ... 70 chips    :smiley-eek:   about 0.50 each. 

They where wrap in ...plastics wrap...  :P   I was expecting into a antistatic pink / black foam.  And I order them a month ago.  ( China --> Toronto, Canada )  I hope they are in working conditions.

If the OP don't mind the waiting... 0.50 each is not a bad price.  :smiley-mr-green:



So Techone, are you going into MAX7219 distribution business now ;)
Send out chips for $1 each via post office?
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Nah !  Not yet...  :smiley-roll: I like to keep them.... for now... but I maybe possible to trade some of them ...  :smiley-roll:

I just hope those chips are working... that is my consern at this time. I have to learn to hook-it up, how to use them, do so projects with them and looking for ideas to use them.


I took got a 10 pack of the MAX7219 chips on ebay...  for like $5..

came in plastic wrap as well..

Alternately..... you can go to MAXIM and request FREE samples..

both the MAX7219 & MAX7221 (SPI support) are available for free samples..  (I got mine.. as well as some other chips from TI)

good luck!


Ive gotten 3 from ebay all work tested 100%

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