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Nick Gammon

i like to "hack" an garage door and want to controll the door with a webbrowser.
For this i need to check the actual status of the Door.

Here's what I did:

Reed switch with a magnet attached to the door.

Story here:



They make industrial models of those contacts, ive installed them for alarm systems beforr, maybe worth searching for as that doesnt look like it will last long


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check this post http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1235146158/2
, using a PS2501 optoisolator, but  I changed C1 to 0,033uF and R1 to 12K ohms to 230V, I don´t use the bleender resistor.

It works fine to me...
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i don´t like to check the position by magnetswitchs. I think this is a simple way, but not the best and exact way.
mmoscz version is more helpfull for me, so i can also see in wich direction the garagedoor is moving at the moment.
The Webserver can deliver the actual status of it and the iphone app will show the status :)

Btw. Its not the problem to switch the garage door. i only need a relay that can switch a 14v power, but its just a single button for move-up/stop/move-down.

@Constantin i thought it would be better to check the 230v outputs of the controller, instead of soldering in the original circuit. :)


If you're someplace where 230 volts is the "standard" mains voltage, you should be able to find a relay with a coil voltage of 230 volts.  DigiKey or your local electrical supply house should have them.  Sorry -- I'm the States where the mains voltage is 120 volts.  And I know where to find relays with 120 volt coils :)

It sounds like what you really need is the position switch sensors other have mentioned.  Though what you =really= need to do is fully describe what you're trying to accomplish -- for my money, you need two sensors for the AC power and two for position.  There are five possible states -- traveling up, traveling down (that's your two AC sensors), closed and open (that's your two contact switches), and "stopped in the middle" (no AC, no contact closures).

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