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yes Digikey is really incredible. They are highly automated. When I ordered about twenty different parts yesterday, they emailed back an hour later to say it had shipped. They ship over the border the same night if you order by 8PM CST.  Then it goes into the Purolator courrier system that brings it to your door the next morning. All that for $8. Really amazing. Also, they have two catalogs: the Canadian one is in CAD and includes the shipping deal by default.



Good to know (-:
Their relays are quite expensive, though. <shrug/>

Anyway, it turns out that the problem might not be with my SSR, but with the start relay on the compressor (I think, anyway...) I don't know anything about such things, unfortunately..

Friday afternoon fun, I guess (-:



FWIW, I found another relay at Acces Electronique that was rated for 100A peak, but was supposed to trigger from 9-12VDC. I figured I'd hook it in with a transistor on the 9V line or something, but when I plugged 5v across the trigger contacts, it lit up, which is great. I reworked my breadboard into perf board, and now I have an over-functioning thermostat for my kegs. (-:

Turns out it wasn't the start relay, even though it seemed like it. I think that the other SSR was limiting the current enough to keep the compressor motor from spinning up, and that kicked out the overload protection part of the relay (as far as I can tell (-; ).

It's just a matter of time before I have the world's first web-enabled kegerator (-;

Thanks for all your help.



Follow up to that project:


Here's the output:

(teaser: )

Thanks again for your help.


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