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Hi there,

This is my first topic in Arduino Forums :D

Anyway, in a project we're starting at work, we must use Arduino boards with plugged sensors. Although I have background experience with Bluetooth/Zigbee/802.11.4 sensors, I have none at all with Arduino.

Thus, in this project we must monitor several things:

1.- Several containers that will be filled with remainings from mowing the lawn must be controlled, basically, the fill level. The idea is to obtain readings such as ...20%, 30%, etc

2.- Number of times the lawnmower container has been disposed in the container mentioned in point 1.

I only have experience with temperature, light, presence and accelerometer sensors. So I really don't know what sensors to use to measure such things. Also, if it is possible to integrate those in Arduino boards...

Thanks in advance!


Hey Mike,

Thanks for the quick response, a few issues regarding your answer:

If using a distance sensor, that implies that garbage within the container is evenly distributed...something easy with liquid, but I recon it can be hard with something like grass...and those containers are open, they don't have a lid, so that makes it even harder to use a proximity sensor.

What do you mean with "equivalent of an arduino board with discrete components." ?



that implies that garbage within the container is evenly distributed.

Yes grass tends to be more evenly distributed than most things. If you think about it you are restricted to a sensor that detects a level or one that detects mass. A mass detector is rather tricky to retro fit to such a large container.

What do you mean with "equivalent of an arduino board with discrete components." ?

I mean making what circuit is on an arduino board but with your own parts. That is the only way you can integrate a sensor onto a board. Otherwise you will have to just attach the sensors to the board. Which might be what you meant but not what you said.

Hi again,

Well, I really dunno what implies using one or the other...I guess that attaching sensors sounds easier than making a board from scratch...



To integrate something means to make it an integral part, that is for it to be inseparable or indistinguishable from the thing you are integrating it into.

To add something means to attach it, so that there are still two separate things but in some way they are joined.

As I said I don't think you actually want to integrate the sensor, you simply want to add it.

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