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We are working on an Arduino project management site for Arduino enthusiasts to better organize and manage their arduino projects.

We expect to have a beta version ready within the next few weeks and are looking for a limited amount of testers to try out the site and provide feedback.

If you are interested in participation please visit http://www.uduino.com and leave your email address. As soon as we are ready to begin testing we will contact you with login information.

We don't sell, rent, lease or give away user email addresses. We will not share your email information with third parties.  Your information will only be used as described above.

Thanks, Joe@uduino.com


Hello Joe,

nice initiative and concept, I am sure you are also aware of http://labs.ideo.com/2012/03/15/arduino-tool-that-connects-each-board-to-its-own-source/.

Is there any beta release data available?



Thank you for the link!

We are working hard at getting the beta available as soon as possible. We still have a few things we want to get ironed out before we start public testing. Keep an eye on your email, you will hear from us soon.

Thanks, Joe


Didn't you indicate here you are some kind of student?

"I have a science project on may 6th and I needed to make a robot but are unable to purchase parts, So I am asking that anyone please donate parts, What I needed was an arduino, Rover (boe bot) ect. I have been studying the arduino for such time but do not have one. Thanks!"
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It has taken a little longer than originally expected, but we have just released our first beta at uduino.com! If you signed up for beta1 please check your email!  We will continue to add beta testers to the site, so if interested in beta testing, you can go to create account, and there is a form to fill out. If you have any questions or comments please email team@uduino.com.

Thanks, joe


Sounds like a good idea! 
Can imagine there will similar tools for googleCode, CVS or whatever acronym they have ;)
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Thanks, our site is really ment to complement a repository like google code.  Check it out at www.uduino.com we have opened registration up to 100 users.


I would love to get some feedback and suggestions. I am currently working on a way to generate eagle libraries from the parts in your project and/or inventory. If you have any other ideas that you would like to see on the site please let me know.


Very nice looking site.  I am tempted to post my project on there, but my project is rather large and I am doing it in stages.

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