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I am already using the basic 433MHz transmitter receiver pair.

I would like to use the encoder/decoder version.

Does anyone know of any sample code?


I think this Rx simply changes logic level on the output pins when the corresponding Tx is pressed.

The pins 10 to 13 are probably the 4 outputs. Note they only stay changed while button is held so your software needs to lock it on if required.



Actually my main objective is to have the receiver only accept messages from the transmitters for which it has learned the id code, like with a burglar alarm system.

With burglar alarms, there are corresponding outputs by the receiver - I don't need that, my application is pure data logging i.e. if a signal is received from an known/authorised transmitter, the transmitter id code is recorded at the receiver end.

The learning function is already built in, I just need to interface it with some Arduino code - if it can be done :)

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