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It sounds Nice and... It's somehow really close to a project I've in my mind;
The issues I see there are the Mono output, the potentiometer (I would prefer to be able to choose a digital one or volume up/down switches)
I would be interested in one of those "little goys"

Can you pelease give me more information?
thank you!

AleXX® - Alessandro - Milano - Italy
AleXX® - Alessandro
  Milano - Italy


Hi AleXX,

I guess you could remove the potentiometer. The library that comes with the board has functions for digital volume management :)

You can preorder one here: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/preorder-readiymate-main-board-p-1147.html


P.S: we are starting to release our libraries, the first one out is the one for the VS1011 MP3 chip and it's available here:

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