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hi all.  i don't know what this process is called, so i'm sorry if there's another forum topic devoted to it...

i'm designing a small portable audio gadget, so i don't want to put the entire arduino board inside.  is there an easy method of cloning my arduino program onto another microcontroller (say another ATmega168), mapping the arduino pins to specific pins on the new chip?  i'm only using digital I/Os, no pwm or analog.




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hey Jon

you first need an Atmega 168 with a bootloader. You can order these for $5 online (modern device, NKC electronics, PCB Europe) , or you can build/buy a programmer to program them. See the bootlader page to find out what programmer. The new Arduino 0009 has an excellent "burn bootloader command" built in that works perfectly with my AVRISP MKII programmer.So basically you put the blank chip into your current Arduino and burn the bootloader on, and it's an "Arduino chip. Or you buy the chip already burned, your choice.

Then you can remove the chip form the Arudino board, put it on your own board, add a few basic components and you're done. In the hardware section there is a "pin mapping" diagram for the 168. All you need to attach at minimum is a resistor and switch for reset, 5V power, a capacitor for +5 bypass, and some kind of 16MHZ oscillator-- crystal or resonator. See the hardware page for the standalone version.  


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