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Please people, don't buy it!
Despite claims of someone here in the forum, arduino can't do the thing otherwise those same users would have already explained how.
Until now they didn't that push me to guess that people who claim to be able to do it having taken few months of hard work or things like that, they are hiding business intentions.
No way.
People who know wouldn't stay silent as for all other matters discussed here in the forum or elsewhere.
All them only claim to have succeeded but never they provide a single clue they are in the position to do the thing really.
Now me too I claim I can do it, anyone can and I'll prove it.
Simply over all the world are sellers who provide personalized cards, you don't need neither to do it yourself or rely on someone in the forum who runs his own business, just buy cards there from them.
Why are you in the need to do the thing by yourself with an arduino or let do it someone else that you don't even know who he is and if he can really succeed?
Why are you in the need to send your cards at strangers and maybe even your money so that the same unknown can carry out the thing with don't know what results?
Those who claim to have succeeded on their own words they wrote that they couldn't do the thing on all cards on the market, so be careful!
Special kind of cards or not, don't waste your time and money, simply contact any seller you want and buy the cards you need from them who can for sure provide what you are looking for.
They can do the thing really, they don't use arduino in order to try it but more sofisticated devices, it's their business and at least you know in advance who they are, where they live and how much it is as cost.
Someone of them even provide samples in the need, so you can verify if they can or can't do the thing.
Please trust me, this is the better way.
Maybe even who claim to be able to do the thing actually let do the job at the sellers that I wrote putting as gain some additional expenses as for his own personal profit.
Educational purpose, arduino and all you want are important and good so no problem if someone want to reach the thing by himself, but please don't waste your time and money.
If even a single person who can do the thing really exist, be sure that he would have already explained how to do or at least clarified the issue, doesn't staying silent or even worse going turn around the thing in order to provide more doubts!


I changed the cid by PC (not arduino). I found source code from https://github.com/raburton/evoplus_cid and I compiled on Linux Ubuntu. This code is only for sd Samsung evolve plus 32Gb.
My pc have a sd-reader not usb.
On this video you can see how to do.

With some modifications maybe you can modify to Arduino.


After many hours of reading and testing i managed to wire an SD-Reader with an Nano and was able to read CID information from SD-Cards using default Arduino SD lib. Calling the "readCID()" sub of the lib did the trick. The struct given as paramter is filled with all necessary information. Iterating through the struct with a byte-casted pointer will give me raw data of CID. I've crawled through the lib sources and found that CMD10 is issued therefore, which seems correct.

Now, at this point i'd like to write CID to an other SD. How is it done in general? As menetioned here, the SD must be put into firmware-mode, which means that the manufacturer is able to firstly program and to lately update the firmware of the containing microcontroller of the card.

I'm pretty shure that this task is different for every manufacturer. Somebody had managed to get this information for Samsung Evo cards (looked through the sources, this is heavy stuff, no something to guess or bruteforce), so this seems the only chance for now?

But when i had this type of card, what should i do to programm it? Could i simply send CMD26 with the structdata read from the other card? So maybe through a second SD-Slot with different CS?

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