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Hi everyone

I just bought a Mega 1280 board, and I have an ethernet shield with the sd card slot, but
I can't make them to work. I tried the datalogger example from the SD library, and all I get is "card failed or not present",
and the card is working well.

I tried the mega hack I've seen here in the forum, but that hack is for shields which don't have the ICSP pins. and my shield has
those pins

Any ideas why they don't seem to work?

Best regards


yeah so basically, the mega has pins in different places than the regular arduino in this case for the ethernet shield. so you could put it on a breadboard and manually connect the needed pins of the shield to the mega.
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But in this site: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardMega
It's said tht the spi pins used on the ethernet shield are broken out on the ICSP header
So the ICSP header does the job for me and I don't need to do any hacking, right?

I made the pin changing though, but it didn't work out.
I have the official Arduino Ethernet shield, and an arduino mega1280 board

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