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How can I connect the line signal to the ic?

To pin A1. Pin B1 to signal ground and pin W1 to the input of the amplifier.

Make sure that your signal voltages are within the range of the power supply of the chip.


Why must to connect the signal ground all chanel pot??? On a simple potentiometer I must to connect only the signal, or not?


On a simple potentiometer I must to connect only the signal, or not?

No idea what that means can you use some other words to try and express this please.

You have to connect the ground to a pot to get a potential divider action.


Hy All!

Now I built my Arduino Shield but My SPI Pins are reserving by rfm12b transreciver.
Hoe can I use the digital pot from other digital pins?
I soldered the
CLK to pin 7
SDI to pin 6
CS to pin 5

My idea is I write my own library what looks like the SPI library
Or any other Idea?



Well first of all you can have more than one device use the SPI bus, you just use a different CS pin for each device but MOSI, MISO, and SCK/CLK, are shared between all devices, then you can use SPI.transfer() etc. like normal.

But if you've already soldered the pins then you're stuck with what you have. In that case you can Google things like "arduino bit bang SPI" or "arduino manual SPI" if you don't want to write your own library from scratch. Here's a good one:


Good luck!
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