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Topic: Operate from Blackberry/Android/Iphone-Ipad/Nokia/PC/Mac across the Globe W/O PC (Read 16 times) previous topic - next topic


dear guys
Actual Password is 4587
and its encrypted!!!! 8)

Check this out for more explanation

this is just  hyperlink to actual 4587.htm file in the programme, you can substitute your password and calculate the encrypted value from above link. ( you must change destination html file name with your password)

Isn't this Cool? 8)


Nice idea (b.t.w. using bonjour it will work even better)...

I actually don't see the source but I might be confused.


See the post no 4 dude and the running arrow pointing downward there is an attachment.   you need to logint first to see the attached file. then Download and tinker it.

Btw what is "bonjour" and how could it help us


What is the version of arduino you use ? I Try with arduino 1.0 and i receive many compilation error!
Thank you :smiley-mr-green:

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