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Dear turkeybaster

1. Code is attached to 1st post, you need to login to see the attachment (Register first if you haven't)
2. standard Wiznet based Ethernet shield with SD card slot with any Micro-SD card to store files on it.
3 and a very special thing called fun!!!


excellent. thanks man.

is there a way of changing the UI? I feel I need to learn Java is that right?


I tried compiling the sketch I got a huge amount of errors. I think im missing a few libraries, please help. I'll be ever so grateful :D


Turkeybaster, to change the UI there is  no need to learn java. just change the style.css (you need to learn CSS but that's a cakewalk).

two external library used is
1. tinywebserver
2. Flash


thanks for the info.

is this the external tinywebserver library you are talking about ? https://github.com/ovidiucp/TinyWebServer

is this the Flash library ? http://arduiniana.org/libraries/flash/

so if I wanted to create my own GUI I just have to edit that CSS file ? what if I wanted to modify the code behind those buttons? is there a program I can use to change the gui like dreamweaver? (im lazy).

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