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I could generate VGA color signal from my Arduino UNO. Please take a look at http://garagelab.com/profiles/blogs/arduino-generated-vga-color-signal
Maybe my post can help someone. :) (code available).
Now, the idea is to create a library, but there still is A LOT to learn, and any hint or comment are more than welcome.

Best wishes!


I am not going to sign up and sign in to help you


Dont bother, I am not asking for help. The idea is more sharing than asking for help.
As any social network, even this forum, sign up is required. GarageLab.com is another social network about technology, that is why the sign up process is necessary. We are making friends there and sharing professional and personal info, for security reasons, it is necessary to have some control over who see them.
But thank you anyway for your time! :)


unlike this forum I cant read what your trying to show without jumping though the hoops


Oh! I understood. You think I am trying to promote www.garagelab.com social network? :) No man! This is not necessary, this network is growing fast with its own benefits.

I was linking here just because I first post the content there, and I didn't want to repeat all over again, since everything is there on www.garagelab.com

Do you think I must post all the content here too? If this is the forum rules, no problem at all!!! I will respect and post here too.

As I said, the intention is sharing something cool, generate VGA signal with Arduino. So other developers can enjoy.

Let me know the best way to do this. Ok?


Let me know the best way to do this. Ok?

Of course! Thanks for asking. The best way is to allow people to view the information without requiring a login. If they would like to participate in the discussion, then they will probably create a user account.

Would you have started using the Arduino, and written VGA code for it, if you had to sign up to some random site just to find out what it was?
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