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i actually want to interface the arduino with the pulse oximeter...its a ready made 1..n i have figured out the digital output pin of the pulse oximeter...now i have to feed in the digital singal to the arduino...bt its a 12 bit data...
plus i m nt quite sure hw to go about it...
shud i use the pin 0..the rx one or i can use any pin...
and could sum1 please help me with the program...
the data is only int value...no chars..!!


If you have "the pulse oximeter", you are on your own. If you have "a pulse oximeter" and you share a link to the device, you might get help.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


i dint quite get u..!!
how do i send a link to the device...???


PaulS meant a http:// link to a webpage or a PDF that describes the device.

Have you searched for pulse oximeter yet? I recall a few months ago there was also a oxi meter project IIRC.

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this is the pulse oximeter i m using...!!!
it uses microcontroller MSP430F247T Rev D....
i could detect some signal on pin no 32 of the UC...bt i m not sure if dats right..!!
this is the data sheet i could get..

the problem is how do i program the arduino to take dis data...!!!
i wana pick up the digital signal directly...!!!
plz help...!!!!


I am using the same pulse oximeter and i am going to interface it with atmega.
Can u plz tell me on what pin did u get the digital output??


actually i thought i had got the output ..but unfortunately it was da wrong pin..!!!!
if u get the pin plz let me know..!!!
i thnk evn analog pulse will do...!!!

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