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Is there a convenient way to add a floating point maths processor to a arduino mega. Preferably with library's already made. I have a memory of seeing such a thing but cant for the life of me find it now. Is it a viable thing to implement or is it over complicated for 8bit avr's


Check this one out. It does have arduino library support avaible.



Absolutely spot on, just what i wanted cheers retrolefty.


I've just bought one of those but haven't had time to play with it yet.
If you buy one and get it up and running let me know :-)



This chip/product has been avalible for several years now but I haven't read any first hand accounts from users on this site. I would be interested in some actual benchmark timing comparing arduino floating point math Vs what this chip can do. That chip is not a true hardware floating point processor but rather just a microcontroller with firmware floating point routines, plus a whole lot of other unrelated features, so the improvement in speed may not be as large as one might expect from a true hardware FPP. But as I said I've read of no independent users here using the chip.


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