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I don't know. I just compiled your code (which should be wrapped in [code]...[/code] tags) without any trouble. I would guess there is something wrong with your installation. Can you compile any of the example sketches?


Yes i have been able to successfully run many sketches, dont know whats going wrong with this one


I think I'd try wiping and reinstalling the IDE.


there's something up with this code or something. i'm having the same problem with the Tone tutorial. i've been working with the arduino for a couple of months, and this is the first time i've seen this error. i wiped the IDE from my computer and redownloaded the same version, and i got the same error.
for what it's worth, i'm on a PC using windows 7.
if anybody can look into this and figure it out, that would be super great. i was really looking forward to using this tutorial to play different tunes.

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Are you using Agusta's code or the code from the tutorial?

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