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The message
RXTX Warning:  Removing stale lock file. /var/lock/LK.008.011.010

come when i chose the "Midi Out Port".

Then when i press any of the piezodisks the only thing i get is the Serial RX Light blinking RED!!

I now tried running the both the stand alone application and Processing in 32-bit mode. Everything goes exactly the same.

If the lights blink red, it means that at least some kind of information is getting to Processing (?). Is it possible to see WHAT is getting there?

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I am getting king of crazy (sad, frustrated, desperate,..., curious,...) , so i am tried something that maybe is also not so smart...
should the Arduino code run on Processing also?

I copied it into Processing and i got an error saying :

unexpected token: unsigned

processing.app.SketchException: unexpected token: unsigned
   at processing.mode.java.JavaBuild.preprocess(JavaBuild.java:326)
   at processing.mode.java.JavaBuild.preprocess(JavaBuild.java:197)
   at processing.mode.java.JavaBuild.build(JavaBuild.java:156)
   at processing.mode.java.JavaBuild.build(JavaBuild.java:135)
   at processing.mode.java.JavaMode.handleRun(JavaMode.java:176)
   at processing.mode.java.JavaEditor$20.run(JavaEditor.java:481)
   at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)

the error was refering to this line of the code:
unsigned char PadNote[8] = {60,62,64,65,67,69,71,72};

well, maybe that is supposed to happen...


I am getting king of crazy (sad, frustrated, desperate,..., curious,...)

Yes it is understandable. I don't think there is a sympathy smilie.

should the Arduino code run on Processing also?

No, while the syntax is similar it is the language C in the Arduino and Java in Processing, so it will not work.

Is it possible to see WHAT is getting there?

You can add print statements to processing to look at any variables while it is running. That could give you an insight into what is happening.
I was asking a friend about this yesterday and he said he had trouble with this program at first and it was down to the way the MIDI configured using the Audio MIDI setup application. The website for the serial <> MIDI converter had a guide to setting this up have you gone through this?


Yes, when installed the Serial <> MIDI i have followed the instruction in their website on how to set things up.

i will try to get some kind of Serial Port Monitor and see if i can get some info there also...


i have just tried a Serial Monitor (Serial Tools) and i got the same. i got green light blinking and the same value as before with the "Midi information".
I guess this means the serial information is arriving ok?

= = = = =

When i got to the Audio MIDI Setup -> Preferences and then choose Information, i get this:

Can it be that i am missing something i should have? Can i have something outdated?


It looks the same as mine, attached.

I think we need to find out where it is going wrong.
Can you run up a sketch that talks from the arduino into processing.
Just something on the arduino that prints a string every second, and the processing prints out what it receives.
That would check the serial path into processing.
There is a sketch in Examples -> Library -> Serial -> Simple read.
After the :-
Code: [Select]
val = myPort.read();
put a
Code: [Select]
You should then be printing the ASCII value of the bytes you receive from the arduino.

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