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Yes, it ha ping sinc beenestablished that my problem was down to my misunderstanding. I had originally thought that the 'Arduino bootloader' that I had heard mentioned was universal, and then you just had to choose the correct board when uploading the sketch.

I am now shopping around for the best price for components. Can someone please take a look at the kit that Oomlout do , something like the ABCC kit or something it is called, that provides all the components necessary to make a BB arduino, and tell me if they think it is a good deal? I am leaning towards it just because I can get all the stuff from the same site etc. Note I am looking to buy a few, so if it becomes less of a good deal when buying two or three then please make your thoughts known.




I'm from the UK too , might be best to just go to ebay for them to be honest.

the 328 appears to be an american chip but I see it on fleabay for £3 +P&P.


these guys offer em at £2 per chip:



Thanks - I went for ebay in the end. 20 x 22pf capacitors for a quid was pretty good!

Mouser were cheap, granted, but for 5 ATMega chips they wanted £12.00 postage - they won't be getting that sort of money from me!!


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