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my first post here goes i was recommended adruino from a fellow homer, cant wait to get cracking have loads of projects in mind, im designing a board at the moment for monitoring 2  240v current phases and some other simple logic so im going to use arduino for it,  

anyway im just laying out a board and wondering what current the Arduino Uno Rev3 consumes under load (lots of processing) can only find a current load per pin 50ma just wondering if anybody has measured a rv under load?

also i would like to put the rev3 board into some of my boards just wondering if anybody has achieved this yet or is it the norm to simply plug them into other boards?
thank you


The total board current consumption depends on what you have wired to the output pins. The basic board itself without any external loads draws around 50ma. You should not normally try and draw more then around 30ma from any one output pin.



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Did i read someplace that the Peak max load the UNO can handle is like 500 ma ? Running External power even. I think thats a onboard fuse someplace ?

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