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I have been using an older version of  arduino and so I just picked up a brand new rev 3 and rev 3 motor shield from radioshack.  First issue is it does not have all of the pins it shows in the picture.  The box shows an 8 pin header where the 5v 3.3v and 2 gnd pins are.  The motor shield has 8 pins which is correct but the actual arduino only has 6 pins.  What should I do?


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I would take the mega back to Radio Shack - it's not a rev 3 board if it's missing the two pins.  I won't voice my opinion as to how the wrong board ended up the box...


Thats what I figured.  Well im definitely going to take it back.  I guess I will order one.


I took the board back to radioshack.  They opened up another box and it had the real rev 3 in it.  They swapped the board with the one i purchased yesterday.  Crazy thing is I watched the lady put the old box with the wrong chip right back up on the shelf.  Pathetic...


Glad that you got your rev 3 board.  I prefer mail order myself from reputable, established Arduino dealers.  I have also succumbed to the desire to "have it in my hands now" that keeps RadioShack in business though.


Crazy thing is I watched the lady put the old box with the wrong chip right back up on the shelf.

Sounds like a plausible explaination to how you ended up with a different rev (or clone).  Someone else "returned" it.

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